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Specialist In Fire Alarm System & Addressable Fireman Intercom Since 2001.

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Fire Alarm Systems / Solutions

Fire Alarm Systems / Solutions

We are supplying Cost Effective Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Systems, Semi Addressable Fire Alarm Systems & our re-owned Hybrid Fire Alarm System. Our approach will not only be on new projects, we do refurbishments, renovations or upgrading of old existing Fire Alarm Systems.

All system & solution provided are BOMBA & LPCB Approved products in which we only offer the best quality products to our clients.

Our Certifications

Reliable & Experienced

We strive to deliver cutting-edge fire alarm systems tailored to your specific needs, providing peace of mind and protection for your premises. To achieve this. we offer a comprehensive system or set of measures designed to safeguard against the risk of fire and minimize its potential impact, emphasizes a proactive and multifaceted strategy to mitigate fire hazards and enhance overall fire safety.

We did our best to ensure a high level of expertise, competence, and ethical conduct demonstrated by our professionals involved in the design, installation, maintenance, and management of fire alarm systems.

  • Full Fire Protection
  • Certified Sole Distributor
  • Strong Professionalism

Fire Alarm System Design

Fire Alarm System Designs

Humans tends to make mistakes and we do come across with design faults during tender and documentation stages. When mistakes were made, additional cost will be implied and will definitely be increase in budget.

Look no further as we help our clients, consultants or even developers to provide system designs and the most cost effective solution that suits the project requirement.

Warranty Structure

Our Warranty Structure & Assurance

Our Assured Warranty Structure outlines a reliable and comprehensive warranty provided for a fire alarm system. This assurance encompasses clear terms and conditions, specifying the duration of the warranty, coverage details, and the process for submitting warranty claims.

This warranty structure aims to instill confidence in the customers by offering a dependable guarantee of the fire alarm system's performance and reliability. The assurance provided by the warranty encourages trust in the product and serves as a commitment to the ongoing support and quality maintenance of the system, contributing to peace of mind for customers.